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Web Design & Multimedia

Websites become from secondary things for the world of business and companies to the item is considered one of the most important configurations for any business sector but the technical side and the development of any company reflects the amount of progress the company and its ability to keep pace with progress in the business world.

we provide technical addicted integrated and sophisticated solutions in the field of Digital Media that can be used in various information services such as presentations and short films, documentaries and flash presentations and 3 dimensional.

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3-D architectural designs with high professionalism – AutoCAD Architectural.

Designs of apartments, skyscrapers and apartments with geometrical maps – in addition to design residential buildings with all their requirements – residential villas different roles.

Professional designers work for ALAMDI in the field of graphics designing and all printings types , with high experience , creativity and the ability to develop and invent whatever new and distinctive



We build WordPress solutions that are sophisticated, yet simple to suit your website in terms of performance and responsiveness.

WordPress, which is one of the quickest and most popular ways to build a dynamic website. Since its debut in 2003, WordPress has become so popular that nearly 75-million websites all around the world are powered by it, which makes up almost 20% of the internet! Also, because it’s an open-source platform, it has millions of themes and plugins available for anyone to use — most of which are completely free and easily customizable for your website.

Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.

Luis Desalvo, CREO TECH

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.

Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT

More Expertise

What distinguishes us is our experience, which has grown since 1994 in various technical fields such as design, multimedia and graphics


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